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Website Planning; and the Perks of Using a Site Map

Website planning refers to the planning, setting objectives and deciding how your website is going to look like in the long run. To ensure that you do this successfully, there is Sitemap that you can implement when you are designing your website. This tool communicates with crawlers on the internet and tells other sites of the pages that you have and how and when you updated. This tool is beneficial because it makes it possible for you to have successful Search Engine Optimization for your website at your disposal. A sitemap makes this possible by the fact that it gives access to information on your site other search engines and with this information, they can then customize the keywords to suit what your site is all about hence SEO.
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There are many advantages to using sitemaps; all of them will be brought to light in this article maybe than, we will all be encouraged to incorporate it into our future website designs.  Aside from giving search engines access to the website, they also make it possible for these search engines to know when any changes are made as soon as they happen thus making it possible to keep the websites across all search engines in sync and up to date. When these changes are made, you can rest assured that the links will be sent to your website visitors without having to send them external links. This ensures that there is constant traffic to your site.  All of your question about visual sitemap generator will be answered when you follow the link.

Another advantage of using sitemaps on your website is the fact that you will be sure to have organized content on your website. This is mainly because one main things that this tool does is that it classifies your content in a way that the related content is clustered together. When you have your website organized. Visitors to your site will have an easy time accessing content thus boosting satisfaction which will keep them coming for more. This will see to it that your site keep growing. 

 The last advantage is that this tool will make it possible for you to know, more about your visitors through the reports that sitemap reports. With the information that you gather, you can comfortably know the different ways that you can make changes and improvements to ensure that visitors to your site are kept satisfied at all times. 
 In summary, with all the information that is brought to light in this article, there is no reason why you should not incorporate it into the design of your site. Increase your knowledge on web planning through visiting